Maggie is thoughtful, proactive, enthusiastic and incredibly easy to work with.  Our family’s constantly shifting demands and dietary preferences are always welcome and embraced.  Maggie is able to meet our needs and requests, but with her own personal flair and creativity.  She is incredibly flexible and responsive to feedback, always seeking to optimize our experience with her.  Maggie is easy to talk to and communicate with, and goes out of her way to make our relationship simple and convenient, but also highly personal.

We know that we are not only eating high quality food, but food made with conscious intention and care.    — fitness-focused family of four, Oakland


Maggie is a very talented and versatile chef.  She is flexible and helpful in planning and always has a great suggestion for dinner parties.  My family appreciates her efficiency and large repertoire.  We basically love Maggie and everything she makes for us. — family of 6, San Francisco


Maggie has been cooking for our family for over 10 years. Not only are her meals nutritious and delicious, but she warmly accommodates all of our family’s finicky tastes. She is flexible, kind and professional — always a pleasure to have in the kitchen. Maggie is also a talented chef and can cook everything from sloppy joes for the kids to an elegant meal for a dinner party. She hones her craft, bringing new ideas into her repertoire and managing even to convince my kids to expand their palate and try new, unusual and ultimately yummy dishes!  —family of 6, San Francisco


Maggie is an outstanding chef, a wonderful person, and very accommodating of our needs.  We don’t make her life easy!  We have been working with Maggie for years and continue to enjoy her fresh, healthy, hearty food.  She is a joy to work with and is always open to our special dietary requests.  We are grateful to be working with her and would recommend Maggie to anyone looking for a personable and talented private chef.  Thank you Maggie! — family of three, San Francisco


Maggie has been preparing delicious food for my family of 5 since 2007. When I can’t find the time to think of ideas for family meals, I can rely on her ability to suggest creative and healthy menus to accommodate picky eaters and dietary restrictions.

Walking in the door to the aroma of home cooking and to Maggie’s warm and professional presence is a highlight of each week.

She leaves me with varied and nutritious meals to serve throughout the week.  Our family friendly selections are ready to eat, bake or assemble — and the kitchen is clean and tidy!

I also highly recommend Maggie’s more refined gourmet talents for dinner parties as well as her expertise as a pastry chef for special event cakes and desserts.   — family of 5, San Francisco



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