About Me

Let’s face it:  Those of us who love to cook very often began our careers because we love to eat, and I am no exception!  The food I make is food I want to eat, and this driving vision means that my cuisine is satisfying, nourishing, and delightful.

Maggie Redic, Private Chef, SFAfter several years spent cooking and baking at restaurants in Minnesota (The New Riverside Cafe, Cafe Latte),   I relocated to San Francisco to attend the California Culinary Academy.

I received my certificate in Baking and Pastry Arts and spent the next 5 years baking at Postrio, the Nice Ventures Restaurant Group (Black Cat, Terzo and Rose’s Cafe) and at The Liberty Cafe.  I also worked at the Center for Culinary Development in the their test kitchen and for Taste Catering as an on-site chef.

Working in all those venues taught me a great deal, but I wanted more immediacy with the people eating the food I was making.  Work as a Private Chef was the natural next step.

My first client had a great number of food allergies and celiac disease, my next client a host of differing allergies, and my third client just wanted classic home cooking to feed her family of six.

In the last twelve years,  I’ve honed my craft in households throughout the Bay Area, always willing to personalize each dish to suit my clients’ tastes, no matter how classic or specific.  Working closely with each family, I develop dishes and meals that are designed for you and your tastes.

Meals of all kinds (Italian, Thai, Mexican, Indian — even good old American comfort food or California cuisine) can be made just as you like:  traditionally, as prepared for generations, or to more contemporary tastes:   low-sodium, low-fat, gluten-free, or dairy-free.  Maybe you hate cilantro but love Vietnamese and Mexican foods — no problem.   Because of my background in baking, I also specialize in everyday sweets (gluten-free, healthy, or decadent — your choice) and celebration cakes and pastries.

I want to make the food that you want to eat. It’s that simple.

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